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Rent a cottage and have an awesome event with help from our directory of local event planners!

Are you thinking about having an holding an event at the Jasper Stuart House, but you’re worried about coordinating all of the things that you’ll need? Are you a local event planner and you’re looking to help your clients rent a venue and have an awesome event? Check out our directory of local event planners, and if you’re interested in being listed in that directory, drop us a line and let’s connect!

Local Event Planners Directory

If you’re looking for a local event planner to help coordinate and organize your upcoming event, check out the awesome event planners in our directory below. These are all local event planners so are familiar with the Jasper Stuart House, the local Kimberley and Beaver Valley areas, all of our local attractions, and businesses in the area that can provide everything you need.

Join Our Directory

Do you have clients that you help rent a venue and host fantastic events? We’d love to hear from you, because we have guests that sometimes need a little help bringing things together! We’re looking for local event planners that are familiar with the area, our local businesses and all of the wonderful attractions we have to offer. If you’d like to be featured in our directory, contact us and let’s connect over a coffee at Justin’s Oven!

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